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TableTop Games Club

TableTop Games Club


Club Name: Tabletop Games club


Sponsor: Ms. Soard


What the club does: The club gives students a chance to have fun
playing many games, ranging from Exploding Kittens, to Monopoly, and
even Dungeons & Dragons.


History:  The club was started in the 2021-2022 school year when Penn
student Lucy Noie approached Ms. Soard about wanting to play Dungeons
& Dragons with her friends.


Location/times: The club meets in the IMC. The club meets every Monday after school until 4:30 p.m.


Entry fee:  None.


Reason to join: People should join this club because it is a great way to make friends
and disconnect from the modern technology trapping students in a
virtual screen world.


Contact information:


In-club requirements:  Be kind to others, show up to meetings, and have fun.


Mission:  Encourage kids to have fun away from screens.