The Academies at Penn High School

Penn High supports college and career readiness with its academy structure.

The Academies of Penn High School serve as “smaller learning communities” where students build relationships while engaged in relevant learning experiences. The academies provide a supportive environment where each student is well known by teachers and peers. Students are in turn guided in the development of a learning program associated with a career path that aligns with their interests and abilities.

  • The Freshman Academy serves all ninth graders by providing a cohesive and highly supportive first-year experience. Freshman will learn about the opportunities afforded by the four Achievement Academies available to them as upperclassmen. 
  • The Early College Academy fosters early success for students focused on obtaining an Associate Degree while completing their high school coursework.
  • World Languages Academy crosses Achievement Academy boundaries, offering English and foreign language instruction for all students, along with culturally rich opportunities including international travel.
  • Exceptional Education Academy provides exceptional educational resources to our special needs students in an inclusive environment. Exceptional Education students excel and are supported by Penn faculty as they strive to obtain their high school diplomas as outlined by the Indiana Department of Education.

College and career readiness means a successful transition from high school to postsecondary options and adulthood.