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Performance Report

For the 2017-18 school year, Penn High School received an “A”​ rating from the Indiana Department of Education. Overall, 64% of Indiana schools received an A or B. For more information on and to view the 2017-18 School Accountability Grades, please click here to visit the IDOE website. 

Click here to view the 2017-2018 federal report cards on the IDOE Compass website.  


Spring 2018 ISTEP+ Results 

  • For grade 10, 75.6% of P-H-M students passed the ELA test and 58.4% passed the Math portion.
  • The district’s overall pass rate for both ELA & Math combined for grade 10 was 56.4%.
  • State overall pass rate for both ELA & Math combined for grade 10 is 33.7% 


With the release of the Spring 2018 ISTEP+ results, overall Penn-Harris-Madison School Corporation ranks in the state’s Top 5% of public school districts for grade 10 ISTEP+ scores. And Penn High School ranks in the Top 5% of all Indiana public high schools.


Penn has a 97% graduation rate—far exceeding the state’s graduation rate.


Penn High School SAT and ACT scores

SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test)

  • Class of 2017: 493 graduates took the SAT with an average score of 1132.  The average score in Indiana was 1073.
  • Class of 2018: 592 graduates took the SAT with an average score of 1135


ACT (American College Testing)

  • Class of 2018: 392 graduates took the ACT with an average score of 24. The average score in Indiana was 22.5.


More information on statewide SAT and ACT scores is provided on the Indiana Department of Education website. 


These achievements are a good illustration of the  Penn-Harris-Madison “Triangle of Success” connecting students, teachers, and parents.


The Indiana Department of Education’s COMPASS website provides extensive data on Penn High School including demographics, test results, and enrollment. The Annual Performance Report—sometimes called the “School Report Card”—for Penn High School and all the schools within the Penn-Harris-Madison School Corporation can be found on the COMPASS website under the “Accountability” tab.