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Kingsmen Against Cancer

Kingsmen Against Cancer logo


Activity Name: Kingsmen Against Cancer


Description:   Kingsmen against Cancer is a club in which students get together once or twice a month to make cards and gift baskets for patients at Memorial Children’s Hospital. These gifts are usually themed around a holiday or season when they are being made.


Eligibility Requirements: All grades are welcome. A membership fee of $5 and a $5 gift card are required that goes towards the gift baskets that the club puts together for the patients at Memorial Children’s Hospital.


Sponsor/Coach Name:  Kelley Watts.


Meets When: Every first Tuesday of the month, at 7:45 a.m.


Where:  LGI-B.


Membership Limit:  none.


Procedure for Joining: Apply in the fall before Labor Day weekend. E-mail the account at Last minute joining can happen by the end of September.