Services Offered

The Student Services Office helps students with a variety of matters. Read below to find out more information about the service you need assistance with …

Click here to make an appointment with a Dean.

Student Parking

Parking passes are issued through Student Services throughout the year.  Students are restricted to parking in specific areas on campus.  Find directions, guidelines and consent forms on the Student Parking page.

Change of Address Information

A home address in the data base can be changed with two proofs of residency.  See Fran Haughee in Student Services.

Lost and Found/Theft Report

Students who have lost personal property should check at the Lost and Found in the IMC (Instructional Materials Center).  

In addition, students can click here to file a Personal Property Loss/Theft Report, or they can file one in Student Services.  Any electronics that are found are given to the Student Resource Officer (SRO) on duty.

Bullying/Harassment Report

Any student who has been threatened or bullied should come directly to Student Services, report it to the dean, and fill out a form detailing the incident. 

Drug/Alcohol Tests

All drug testing, random and otherwise, is conducted in the nurse’s office.   

Alternate Drop-off/Pickup for School Bus Riders

You can request that your student be dropped off or picked up at an alternate location within the school corporation boundaries.  Contact Fran Haughee in Student Services at (574) 258-9524.

Duplicate Communications

In cases of shared custody, you can request that all communications from the school be sent separately to both parents/guardians.  Contact Fran Haughee in Student Services at (574) 258-9524.

Court/Legal Custody/Protective Orders

Student Services keeps copies of court documents regarding legal custody and protective orders to ensure that communications between school and parents/guardians take place with court-approved individuals.

Legal custody and protective orders governing students can be updated or changed only by presenting current court documentation.  Contact Fran Haughee in Student Services at 574-258-9524;