Parent Drop-off & Pickup Procedures

Morning Student Drop-off Location, Jefferson Road

Students are allowed in the building at 8:05 a.m. The designated student morning drop-off between the hours of 7:30 – 8:30 a.m. at Penn High School is next to the Jefferson Road Parking Lot (south of the football practice field).  Please follow the steps outlined below and pictured in the image and video below.

The Jefferson Student Lot will be used as part of the daily parent  student drop-off and pickup area;  student parking is permitted for early dismissal students only in the south row during A.M.. All student vehicles must be gone by 2:30 P.M daily.  No parking will be permitted in the NORTH ROW.   Student Parking in other areas of campus are shown in the link provided. Click here for more details on approved student parking areas.

Drop off

  • Enter the student drop-off area by turning off Jefferson into the East student drive, designated by the visible sign at the entrance area.
  •  Stay on the drive and move forward in a single file, please drop students off on curbside only. There is plenty of curbside availability.
  • Students must walk on curbside to Doors K, M, L or Doors A, B, C to enter the high school (only drop students off at the Jefferson Rd. Drop-off area).  If student is late, they are required to walk to Door A and sign in. Please do not enter the front entrance to Penn High School prior to the start of school. The front entrance is monitored and bus traffic will cause a safety concern for all students.  

    Only drop students off along the Jefferson Road designated Drop-off area. Only one lot will be used for student drop-off with a direct route to exit turning right onto Jefferson Road. A traffic attendant will be available to assist with access onto Jefferson Road.

Afternoon Student Pickup Location, Jefferson Road

Updated student pickup, 8.20.19

The designated afternoon student pickup is between the hours of 2:30 – 3:30 p.m. and in the Jefferson Road Staff Parking Lot (south of the Penn High School building) or the Jefferson Rd. Student Parking Lot (south of the football practice field) following the steps outlined below and pictured in the image and video below: 

  • Parents enter the student drop-off/pickup drive by turning off Jefferson Road into the east student drive, designated by the visible sign at the entrance area south of the high school.
  • Staying on the drive and moving forward in single file, pickup lines will then create two separate lines in either lot of the drive area.
  • Parents can continue around the first pickup drive and move to the Door L and M pickup parking lot if space is available.  Please fill the L and M lot first to make room for other traffic. 
  • Follow the traffic attendants directions related to student pickup to ensure student safety.

Limited space is available for all parent vehicles and patience is required. Both lots will be used for student pickup and drop off.

Parking map

Parking map

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