Parents now have the ability to submit attendance reasons through Skyward Family Access instead of calling the school. Attendance can be entered on that day (illness) or for future events (doctor’s appointment). Absences can be recorded for all day, late arrival or early dismissal. Please click here to follow the directions to enter the absence via Skyward.

If you are unable to report the absence via Skyward or reach the Attendance Office via telephone, please e-mail Karen Rallo – – or Karissa Buckwheat – – with attendance matters.

To report your student absence via telephone, please us the user prompts below:

  • Parents or guardians of a Penn student, call 574-258-9501 to report absences.
  • When calling, please briefly provide the student’s full name (always spell the last name), the student’s ID number, the reason for absence or dismissal, and, in case of the need to call back, a contact phone number.

Please listen carefully to the three different Attendance prompts. They are as follows:

  • To report an early dismissal for TODAY, press 1. This would include, for example, an appointment, family emergency, etc., that will take place during the current school day. Include a time for the early dismissal, and the reason.
  • To report a dismissal/absence for a FUTURE DATE, press 2. This would include an appointment, college visit, family event, etc., that would be taking place on a future school day. Please include a date, time and reason for the absence/early dismissal. In the case of a series of appointments, at a particular time and day repeated throughout the school year, contact Attendance Secretary Karen Rallo – or call 574-254-2828 – to set up a schedule.
  • To report an ILLNESS TODAY or a LATE ARRIVAL TODAY, or to QUESTION AN UNCONFIRMED ABSENCE, press 3. Please provide a short comment regarding the illness, i.e. the flu, cold, etc. In the case of a long-term illness, in addition to contacting the attendance office, please contact the student’s counselor and nurse. If a student is absent for 10 (or more) consecutive school days, please contact Attendance Secretary Karen Rallo at A doctor’s note is required for a medical absence of 10 days or more.
  • For students arriving late, please provide a reason and approximate time of arrival if available.

Guardians of Penn students may also share information by emailing Penn attendance at:

Students who will be out of school for a college visit will need to bring back to  Penn a note on college letterhead verifying the date. Absences due to Job Shadowing experiences and Youth Leadership events will also need to be verified.

Parents may call up to one month in advance of planned absences/early dismissals.

Doctor’s notes or proof of college visits can be attached.
In addition, guardians of Penn students who attend the Elkhart Area Career Center are responsible to report their student’s attendance issues.
Contact Trisha Malone, attendance secretary, 574-262-5650 or
In addition, EACC offers a new email address: Email:

Click here for information regarding two-hour delays.

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