Random Acts of Kindness display.

Random Acts of Kindness Club

Club Name: Random Acts of Kindness Club

Sponsor: Mrs. Brazeau

What the club does: Holds doors open in the morning, leaves inspirational quotes around the school, gives teachers appreciation notes and candy, make cards to send to nursing homes, and spread kindness throughout the school.  

History:  The club started 4 years ago when students approached Sra. Brazeau about starting a club about random acts of kindness.  

Meetings: The club meets in Room 104. The club meets once a month on a Thursday after school.  

Entry fee:  Two $5 gift cards turned into Mrs. Brazeau.

Rationale statement: People should join this club because this school needs more kindness it is also a great way to meet new people.

Contact information:  mbrazeau@phm.k12.in.us

Social media:  Instagram- pennrak

In-club requirements:  Spread kindness  

Mission:  The Random Acts of Kindness Club is excited to express how we feel about the values of kindness and caring for others!

Information compiled by PNN Reporter Isaak Prince.

Random Acts of Kindness display.   Random Acts of Kindness Club card.