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Physical Education and Health course descriptions



FITNESS:  Mind~Body~Academics



PHYSICAL EDUCATION I & II    3000 (0501/0502)

2 Semesters (Required)   2 Credits   Grade: 9

Prerequisite:  None

Fee: $8.00

Required attire:  Gold shirt & Black shorts


COURSE DESCRIPTION: [IDOE 3542] Secondary Physical Education I & II are based on health-related fitness and developing the skills and habits necessary for a lifetime of activity.  This course includes the five components of physical fitness. Activities such as aerobic activity, aquatics, team sports, recreational sports, individual and dual sports will be used to create an interest in developing and maintaining physical fitness.  Students will evaluate their own fitness level through a fitness assessment fall and winter.  Students will complete nutrition, fitness and wellness through interactive physical education in a blended learning environment. Vital knowledge will be conveyed through this learning to stay fit, healthy and happy while creating extended opportunities in class for participation.


PHYSICAL EDUCATION I & II Adapted         

                                                      3002 (0503/0504)

2 Semesters      2 Credits     Grade:  9

(Alternative for requirement)

Fee: $2

Prerequisite: Case conference committee and medical statement on file


COURSE DESCRIPTION: [IDOE 0500] This course offers students with special mental, physical, sensory, or neurological problems lifetime fitness and health related activity.  The program will include within the least restricted environment, a variety of developmental activities, games, sports, and rhythms appropriate to the interests, capabilities, and limitations of the student. Opportunities will be given for students to achieve fitness concepts, fitness for enjoyment and social interaction, as well as different forms of movement and an aquatics unit.




Classes in Advanced PE can be taken a second time for credit. Students need to be in good standing for dress and participation, receiving A or B in the course the first time. Teacher discretion can be implemented.



      0537/0538 (for credit)

 0551/0552 for (no credit)

                                           0525/0526 (“0”Hour)

                             0529/0530 (Football players)   

1 Semester    1 Credit    Grades: 10-12 (during the school day) and 9 (zero hour)

Prerequisite:  Desire to tryout and/or participate on a Penn athletic team

Fee:  $5


COURSE DESCRIPTION:  [IDOE 3560]  This is a performance based class and participants will be expected to work through a prescribed workout under the guidance of a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach. Student-athletes will learn a variety of techniques that can be used to improve all aspects of physical fitness and performance. Students will explore how to improve upper, lower, and core body flexibility, strength and power.  They will work on ways to improve agility, speed, and nutrition.  


FITNESS I                                          0505/0506

1 Semester     1 Credit          Grades: 10-12

Prerequisite:  Physical Education I and Physical Education II.   Students must have received a B or better in P.E. in order to take Fitness I.

Fee: $2


COURSE DESCRIPTION: [IDOE 3560] This class will offer a set routine that will encompass total-body muscle fitness, as well as cardiovascular fitness. Students will utilize muscle fitness and cardiovascular machines (no free weights).  Students proper work habits and good time management skills.  Correct technique for weight training will be introduced and implemented by all students, whether beginners or experienced lifters. Throughout the semester students will gain an understanding of how to develop each muscle group, how to maximize workout benefits, how to monitor and assess progress, and how to achieve personal goals.  Near the end of the semester, students will determine and utilize their own muscle fitness routine.

To take course a second time: student must have earned an “A” or “B” in Fitness I the first time.


FITNESS II                                         0509/0510

1 Semester     1 Credit          Grades: 11-12

Prerequisite: Physical Education I and Physical Education II, Fitness I.  Students must have received a B or better in Fitness I in order to take Fitness II.

Fee: $2


COURSE DESCRIPTION: [IDOE 3560] This will be a continuation of skills learned in Fitness I, new individualized programs, continued learning of muscle groups and workouts to aid in lifetime fitness. The course will offer individualized programs for physical improvement.  Correct techniques for use of weights and three different programs for weight training will be introduced and implemented.  An individualized program will be set up to meet each student's needs. Machine weights and cardiovascular machines will be utilized, not free weights.


XFIT                                                    0533/0534

1 Semester     1 Credit          Grades 10-12

Prerequisites:  Successful completion of Physical Education I/II.  Application must be filled out and approved by teacher in order to take XFit twice.   Must have received a C or better in Physical Education I/II.

Fee: $2


COURSE DESCRIPTION:  [IDOE 3560]  XFit is a strength and conditioning program.  It is not sport specific and promotes broad and general overall physical fitness.  XFit workouts call for participants to work hard and fast with little rest.  Proficiency will be required in cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination and accuracy.  A combination of athletic conditioning, plyometrics, Olympic weightlifting, medicine ball and dumbbell training, power-lifting, some swimming is possible, some gymnastics, running and jump roping will be used.  The workouts are always varied.


LIFEGUARD TRAINING                   0513/0514

1 Semester     1 Credit          Grades:  10-12

Prerequisite Swim Tests:  550-yard swim including breaststroke & front crawl with rhythmic breathing, 200 yards of breast stroke; swim 20 yards, surface dive to a depth of 7 feet, retrieve a 10-pound object, return to surface, and swim 20 yards back to the starting point, exit without ladder (1 minute, 40 seconds).  Swim 5 yards; submerge and retrieve three diving rings placed 5 yards apart in 4-7 feet of water; resurface; and swim 5 yards to the side of pool.

Certification Fee & Supplies: $37

Textbook Fee: TBA


COURSE DESCRIPTION: [IDOE 3560] This course provides participants with the knowledge, skill, and practice needed to become well-trained and effective lifeguards at pools and at a waterfront environment. Certificates are given.


LIFEGUARD INTERNSHIP              1857  


2 Semesters         2 Credits  

Grades 11-12

Fee: $25 for lifeguard t- shirt and whistle/lanyard to be worn at all times while on duty.

Prerequisite: Waterfront lifeguard certification, CPR for the professional lifeguard certification, first aid certification. AED certification is recommended.


COURSE DESCRIPTION: [IDOE 3560] This course is intended to help develop strong skills and work ethic in student lifeguards. Students will be responsible for ensuring the safety of facility patrons by preventing and responding to emergencies. Students will perform lifeguard surveillance, rescue techniques, emergency preparations, and head, neck and back management skills. Students will perform various maintenance duties to meet class standards and the duties of a lifeguard. Students will also be expected to participate in mandatory in-service training. Student interns will be highly recommended for paid lifeguard positions through Penn High School Aquatics.


WATER ACTIVITIES                           0521/0522

1 Semester     1 Credit          Grades 10-12

Prerequisite:  Physical Education I – Physical Education II – Swim 4 laps of pool, Tread water for 5 minutes, Comfortable swimming in deep water for long periods of time.

Fee:  $3 for goggle rental


COURSE DESCRIPTION: [IDOE 3560]  Water Activities is a one-semester course where students may enhance their physical fitness through water related activities.

Students use their swimming ability to play a variety of water games and team challenges such as water polo, ultimate torpedo, water basketball, diving board games and water soccer. Students have the opportunity to be introduced to scuba diving and experience an actual dive in the pool. Students will create and present their own pool game.


ADVANCED TEAM SPORTS  0507/0508 (Coed)

                                                 0547/0548 (Girls)

1 Semester     1 Credit          Grades: 10-12

Prerequisite: Physical Education I and Physical Education II

Fee: $2


COURSE DESCRIPTION: [IDOE 3560] Advanced Team Sports promotes lifelong physical activity through team sports. Students will incorporate daily fitness into a lifetime routine. This elective will feature advanced fundamentals, techniques, and strategies of the following activities: softball, tennis, flag football, ultimate frisbee, indoor soccer, volleyball, basketball, and recreational sports.

To take a course a second time:  student must have earned an “A” or “B” in ATS the first time.

**We do offer a female section as well as the coed option.



  0541/0542 (Co-ed)

                                                    0551/0552 (Girls)

1 Semester          1 Credit                Grades 11-12

Prerequisite: Must have passed Physical Education I/II with an earned grade of “B” or better.

Fee: $3 for Whistle and Lanyard

This course cannot be taken two times in the same semester (Gold Day and Black Day)


COURSE DESCRIPTION: [IDOE 3560] This one semester course is designed to meet the fitness needs of both boys and girls (first time offered girls only class) who want to use the sport of basketball for cardiovascular exercise. With the class focus on basketball game play, students will use half of the daily class time in half court 5-on-5 competition and the other half of class on full court 5-on-5 competition. All students will demonstrate basketball game play knowledge and take turns with officiating responsibilities of the full court game. Daily sportsmanship is required.

**We do offer a female section as well as the coed option.



HEALTH EDUCATION                    0515/0516

1 Semester     1 Credit          Grade:  10

Fee: $8


COURSE DESCRIPTION:  [IDOE 3506] All things talked about in Health apply to everyday life, now and forever.  Health Education is designed to foster knowledge and attitudes leading to wellness and healthy lifestyles choices. This course includes wellness, mental health and mental illness, stress management, CPR, dating relationships (including dating violence), human sexuality, pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, suicide, nutrition, and drug and alcohol education, including prescription drugs and e-cigarettes. This course assists students in understanding that health is a lifetime commitment by analyzing individual risk factors and health decisions that promote health and prevent disease. A variety of instructional strategies and current events will bring this course to life. Peer class discussions also make this a don’t miss class.


ADVANCED HEALTH EDUCATION                                                                                 0517/0518

1 Semester     1 Credit          Grades: 10-12

Prerequisite:  Health Education 10    

Fee:  $5


COURSE DESCRIPTION: [IDOE 3500] Advanced Health Education is a health elective course for those students who may be interested in a health related career. Students will study the history of medicine, systems of the body, bones and muscles, CPR, Torts, risk appraisals and current health trends. Careers in health are researched, explored and job shadowed. Canvas work and job interviews are also included. Successful completion of Health 10 is required.


INTRO TO PHYSICAL THERAPY                                                                                   0535/0536

1 Semester     1 Credit          Grades 10-12

Prerequisite:  Health Education 10

Fee: $25 (lab fee)


COURSE DESCRIPTION:  [IDOE 5215] Intro to Physical Therapy is a course designed for the student interested in a medical field with emphasis on athletic training, sport injuries, and physical therapy.  Students will review human anatomy and first aid, CPR, and learn medical terminology.  Treatment and rehabilitation of injuries based in athletic populations, signs and symptoms of these injuries and prevention will be studied.  Intro to P.T. will look at nutrition, diseases, strength, and conditioning and how these affect injury to the general population.  This course will include modalities and taping technique labs.  Successful completion of Health 10 is required.