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Penn Publications Union

Penn Publications Union


Meeting: Every Tuesday in Room 145 (near door J), from 3:30-4:30PM


Adviser:   Kevin McNulty  |  | 574-258-9500, x 20145




Goal of Club: in collaboration with Yearbook class, to help participants develop skills and pursue activities in the areas of:

  • Graphic & Layout Design
  • Photography
  • Media Management
  • Writing & Editing
  • Publishing & Social Media
  • Media Literacy
  • Portfolio Development
  • Teamwork


Activities: participants in the club actively hone their skills in writing, graphic design, and page design. Participants are actively engaged in the tradition of writing and photographing Penn HIgh School stories. This tradition dates back to 1958.  We have a copy of that original yearbook, and we often look back at how publishing a yearbook used to work.  These look backs inform our look forward to the 2021-2022 Bittersweet yearbook. These students collaborate with members of the Penn News Network, the Pennant, and the staff of the Bittersweet yearbook. 

Students learn how to take better photographs, write better copy, edit their work and the work of others, use photo editing software (on computers and on phones), publish their work online (to Yearbook social media and their own), develop skills in media literacy, and work as a team to publish a 300-page book by June.  Students are competing at the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards and in the J-Day contest at Ball State University. By the end of the year, all participants will have created a portfolio that showcases their work.