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There are a total of 1,528 parking spaces at Penn High School and the surrounding campus that includes Pennway, Schmucker Middle School and Bittersweet Elementary School. The 1,528 parking spaces include 53 spaces reserved for handicapped parking. These lots are located conveniently close to Penn High and its athletic venues. 


Penn’s main parking lot – located off of Bittersweet Road – is adjacent to the Arena and Pool entrance, and is close to the TCU  Freed Field gates. It offers 870 spaces, with 29 reserved for handicapped parking.


Beginning January 7, 2019


The Jefferson Student Lot NORTH ROW will now be used as part of the daily parent student drop-off and pickup area; therefore no parking will be permitted in the NORTH ROW. Students normally parking in the North Row will be permitted to park in the areas shown below in red. These areas are for paid student parking only. Enough space will be available in all paid student parking lots. Do not park in Staff Areas or you will receive a parking ticket and face disciplinary action for violation of student code of conduct.  


Penn student parking as of 12.19.18


Other lots that offer parking close to Penn High School and its athletic venues:


  • Former bank building, at the SE corner of McKinley and Bittersweet -- 67 spaces

  • Softball, Tennis, Soccer fields lot -- 119 spaces, including 4 reserved for handicapped parking

  • Bittersweet Elementary School -- 71 spaces, including 3 reserved for handicapped parking

  • Pennway Alternative School -- 226 spaces, including 1 reserved for handicapped parking

  • Schmucker Middle School-- 175 spaces, with 13 reserved for handicapped parking