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Parent Drop-off and Pick-up Procedures

Many parents choose to drop off and pick up their high school students.  Our procedures are designed to make that process as safe and efficient as possible. 


Parents, please read and follow these guidelines! 




Parents may enter the main parking lot from Bittersweet Road at the stop light, then turn left immediately and let their student(s) out at the curb by Door D. This entrance is at the north end of the school, closest to the pool, the arena, and the band rooms.

After 7:30 a.m, parents will not be allowed to enter the main lot to drop off students.  Beginning at 7:30 a.m. all parent vehicles will be directed to Jefferson Road for student drop off. Traffic in the main lot is strictly limited to school buses and staff vehicles between 7:30 and 8:30 a.m.  Also, after school pick-ups are not allowed at this location; the west side and north side of the school are used strictly as bus loading zones at dismissal.




Parents who wish to drop off on the south side of the school, should use the marked student drop-off/pick-up entrance that’s located at the east end of the Jefferson Road parking lots.  You may drop off and pick up students curbside in the lane that runs between the student parking lot and the practice field. You may also proceed through this drop-off/pick-up lane and follow the loop that lets you into the staff parking lot adjacent to the school, and drop off or pick up students curbside there, by Doors L and M.  

The parent drop-off and pick-up path remains the same regardless whether dropping off your student in the morning or picking up in the afternoon.  Be aware that drivers traveling east on Jefferson will not be allowed to turn left to enter the parking lot at Doors L and M during afternoon pickup.  Drivers can enter that lot only via a right turn.  They will pass the entrance to Doors L and M and be directed to enter and turn around in the drive along the practice field so that they can access Doors L and M via right turns.



  • Vehicles are parked bumper to bumper in an attempt to get all cars off the street. Please exercise caution, maintain slow speed and obey the security personnel who are on hand to assist. 
  • Cars must come to a full stop along the curb, and students must enter/exit vehicles on the passenger side.  
  • When picking up it will be helpful for your student to know which loading zone you will be waiting in.


The diagram below shows the Jefferson Road parent drop-off/pick-up path.