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Management and Business Academy course descriptions

*DECA-Open to all students that are currently taking or have taken a Management & Business Academy course.



(Formerly known as Digital Applications & Responsibilities)                                   

1 Semester    1 Credit    Grades:  9-12

Prerequisites:  None

Fees:  $3                    

This course is weighted on a 4.5 scale Ivy Tech Dual Credit


COURSE DESCRIPTION:  [IDOE 4564] Do you need to brush up on your computer skills?  Would you like to be proficient in Microsoft Office?  Look no further, you can take CINS here at Penn and learn those skills, which will make you a more competitive person in the job market! Students will use Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access software to create and produce letters, tables, reports, graphics applications, spreadsheets, and database projects.  Students will also create projects using PowerPoint. Along with the skills acquired in this course, students will complete a professionalism unit that can be incorporated and utilized throughout a student’s high school, college, and professional experience.  Not open to students who have taken 2327.  Dual credit is available with qualifying scores.


WEB DESIGN                             0205 or 0206

1 Semester    1 Credit    Grades:  9-12

Prerequisite:  None

Fee:  $10


COURSE DESCRIPTION:  [IDOE 4574] Web Design is a one -semester course that provides instruction in the principles of web design using current/emerging software programs such as Dreamweaver. Areas of instruction include audience analysis, design techniques, and software integration.  Photoshop and Animate will be used to create and edit images and to create animations to enhance the web pages.


SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT MARKETING                                                       0255 or 0256

1 Semester    1 Credit    Grades:  10-12

Prerequisites:  None

Fee:  $6


COURSE DESCRIPTION:  [IDOE 5984] Students taking this course will build upon their prior knowledge of marketing and learn how to apply it directly to sports, recreation and entertainment industries. Students will apply what they are learning directly to marketing sports and entertainment activities here at Penn High School for a more hands-on learning experience. Optional participation in the Career and Technical Student Organization of DECA will be made available.



1 Semester    1 Credit    Grades 10-12

Prerequisite: None

Course Fee:  $2            

Possible Additional Cost:  Voluntary Membership in a Marketing Club (DECA)


COURSE DESCRIPTION:  [IDOE 5914] Principles of Marketing take place every day of your life and in every job you will hold.  This is a class designed to teach students not only about the various functions of marketing, but also how each function fits with the others. Throughout the course, students will learn about marketing in a global economy, sports and entertainment marketing, fashion merchandising, E-commerce, developing a new product, professionalism, and also will be able to

create an advertising campaign and learn about possible careers in Marketing.


STRATEGIC MARKETING         0233             

2 Semesters    2 Credit    Grades: 11-12

Prerequisite:  Principles of Marketing,

Must have received a C+ or higher in Principles of Marketing

Course Fee:  $4

Possible Additional Cost: Voluntary Membership in a Marketing Club (DECA)


COURSE DESCRIPTION: [IDOE 5918] A continuation and expansion on the Marketing class. In this class we will explore the marketing mix in more detail and work with local companies with real marketing problems. Students will be responsible for more hands-on projects and critical thinking about marketing for businesses, careers in marketing and how entrepreneurs need and use marketing. Students will be conducting different forms of marketing research, creating an in-depth marketing plan for an existing company, and producing effective advertising campaigns.



(Formerly Personal Finance)    0207 or 0208

1 Semester    1 Credit    Grades:  10-12

Prerequisite:  None

Fee:  $2           

Quantitative Reasoning Course     


COURSE DESCRIPTION:  [IDOE 4540] This is a personal finance course that introduces students to banks and the use of banking services (checking accounts, savings accounts, etc.)  It also introduces students to the world of credit, how to use credit and the actual costs of using credit.  Students will also be introduced to insurance.  Students will learn about vehicle, banking, homes, budget, debt and investments.




Recommended Grade Level: 10-12

Recommended Prerequisites: Introduction to Business

1 Semester       1 Credit per semester

 2 credits maximum

Counts as a Directed Elective or Elective for all diplomas

Fee:  $5


COURSE DESCRIPTION: [IDOE 4562] (BUS MGMT) Principles of Business Management focuses on the roles and responsibilities of managers as well as opportunities and challenges of ethically managing a business in the free-enterprise system. Students will attain an understanding of management, team building, leadership, problem-solving steps and processes that contribute to the achievement of organizational goals. The management of human and financial resources is emphasized.



(Formerly Entrepreneurship & New Ventures)                                                                0211 or 0212

1 Semester    1 Credit    Grades:  10-12

Prerequisite:  None

Course Fee:  $5            

Possible Additional Cost:  Voluntary Membership in a Marketing Club (DECA)


COURSE DESCRIPTION:  [IDOE 5967] Do you dream of owning your own business someday?  Do you want to learn what it’s like to run your own business?  Well, now you can, if you take the Introduction to Entrepreneurship class here at Penn.  Introduction to Entrepreneurship is designed to give students the skills they need to effectively plan, market, finance, and manage a small business.  This course covers topics such as:  planning, knowing customers and competitors, finding a location, developing a marketing plan, small business assistance, franchising and finances.  Students will create an original business plan throughout the semester for the business of their choice.


BUSINESS LAW & ETHICS             

                                                    0209 or 0210

1 Semester    1 Credit    Grades:  10-12

Prerequisite:  None

Textbook:  None        Fee: $3


COURSE DESCRIPTION:  [IDOE 4560] Business and Personal Law is a business course that provides an overview of the legal system.  Topics covered include:  Basics of the Law, Contract Law, Employment Law, Personal Law, and Consumer Laws and Rights.  Both criminal and civil trial procedures are presented.  Instructional strategies should include mock trials, case studies, field trips, guest speakers, and Internet projects.



         0235 or 0236

1 Semester    1 Credit    Grades:  9-10

Prerequisite:  None

Textbook:  None       Fee: $5


COURSE DESCRIPTION: [IDOE 4518] A great introductory course for any students interested in business.  This course will briefly cover economics, entrepreneurship, management, marketing, law, risk management, banking, personal finance, and careers in business.  The importance and application of business etiquette and ethics are included. Introduction to Business will include  problem-based projects and group work.



2 Semesters    2 Credits    Grades:  10-12

Prerequisite:  None   

Additional Costs:  Workbook Purchased: $40

Practice Set Purchased: $35


COURSE DESCRIPTION:  [IDOE 4524] This course presents the complete accounting cycle for keeping records for both a service-type business and a merchandising business.  Instruction is given on the principles and methods of recording business transactions, preparation of financial reports, and interpretation of records.  Other topics included are petty cash, sales tax, bad debts, depreciation, and notes and interest.  A practice set is also included.  Students will find this course helpful in keeping business records as well as their own personal financial records.  It provides knowledge that can be applied in the workforce or education beyond high school.  The software program Excel is used throughout the course.  Provide students with accounting knowledge that is essential for any business degree or profession.  Students will have the opportunity to interview with a local accounting firm for an internship.


ADVANCED ACCOUNTING                    0215

2 Semesters     2 Credits    Grades:  11-12

Prerequisite: Introduction to Accounting

Recommended:  Grade of "C" or higher in Beginning Accounting/Accounting I

Fee:  $6

Additional Cost:  Workbook purchased:  $41

Quantitative Reasoning Course


COURSE DESCRIPTION:  [IDOE 4522] This course is designed for the student who plans to begin work following high school graduation or for the student who plans to continue his or her education beyond high school.  Students have the opportunity to develop employable skills as an accounting clerk.  Students gain a deeper knowledge of accounting which is highly useful for those who plan to major in accounting or some other area of business at the college level.  The student will learn to interpret and analyze all types of financial statements.  Students will obtain a broad understanding of business activities and develop decision-making skills.  Students will be provided with the opportunity to apply accounting practice and theory on automated computer systems.    It provides knowledge that can be applied in the workforce or education beyond high school.  Business software programs such as:  Microsoft Excel along with QuickBooks will be implemented into this course.  Course provides students with advanced accounting knowledge and skills needed for college degrees in business.  Membership into the Accounting Club.


INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTER SCIENCE     (PLTW)                                              0203/204

1 Semester   1 Credits    Grade: 9-10

Prerequisite: None

Fee: $3

This course is weighted on a 4.5 scale.



Introduction to Computer Science allows students to explore the world of computer science. Students will gain a broad understanding of the areas composing computer science. Designed to be the first computer science course for students who have never programmed before, Introduction to Computer Science is a good starting point of the Computer Science Pathway.  Students work in teams to create apps for mobile devices using MIT App Inventor®. They explore the impact of computing in society and build skills in digital citizenship and cyber-security. Beyond learning the fundamentals of programming, students build computational-thinking skills by applying computer science to collaboration tools, modeling and simulation, and data analysis. In addition, students transfer the understanding of programming gained in App Inventor to text-based programming in Python® and apply their knowledge to create algorithms for games of chance and strategy.   Counts as a Directed Elective or Elective for all diplomas.


COMPUTER SCIENCE I                         0217

(Formerly Computer Programming I)

2 Semesters    2 Credits    Grades: 9-12 (9th grade with permission from instructor)

Prerequisite: Completion of, or present enrollment in, Algebra I with a "C" average or above

Textbook: None

Fee: $3


COURSE DESCRIPTION: [IDOE 4801] This course is designed for students with no previous programming experience, who are good problem solvers, who have acquired basic Windows skills and are interested in computer science or related career fields.  This course will help students learn how to plan, create and debug their own interactive Windows applications and games using the programming language, Visual Basic 2012.




2 Semesters    2 Credits    Grades: 10-12

Prerequisites: Computer Programming I and teacher recommendation

Textbook: None

Fee:  $3

Quantitative Reasoning Course  

This course is weighted on a 4.5 scale. 

Ivy Tech Credit.  Must have earned dual credit from CSI.     


COURSE DESCRIPTION:  [IDOE 5236] This course is designed for students with a greater interest in computer science and related career fields. This course will develop and explore various techniques from previous programming classes and apply them using the programming language, C++ in a console environment using Visual Studio 2015.  This course qualifies for the Technical Honors Diploma.



2 Semesters    2 Credits        Grades: 11-12

Prerequisite Required:  Computer Science 1 or Computer Programming 1; Recommended: Computer Science II Programming or Computer Programming II

Textbook: None

Fee:  $5

This course is weighted on a 4.5 scale. 

Ivy Tech Credit.  Must have earned dual credit from CSI.


COURSE DESCRIPTION: [IDOE 5252] This course is designed for students with a serious interest in computer science and related career fields.  This course will continue to develop various techniques from previous programming classes. Students will explore C# and work on game development using current frameworks and toolkits such as Unity and Visual Studio 2015- XNA. Students have the opportunity to design unique projects in teams and individually.   This course qualifies for the Technical Honors Diploma.



1, 2 or 3 Blocks        1 or 2 Semesters

One Block: 1 credit per semester    

0680, 0681, 0682, 0683, 0684, 0685, 0686, 0687

Two Blocks: 2 credits per semester

0674, 0675

Grades 11-12

Prerequisite:  None    No application is required

Fee:  $3

Other:  Students must provide their own transportation    


COURSE DESCRIPTION:  [IDOE Work-Based Learning] Professional Career Internship is a career course that is designed to provide opportunities for students to explore careers that require additional degrees, certifications or training beyond high school.  The emphasis of the experience is on applying skills developed through instruction from an adult mentor and learning new career competencies at the internship site.  Activities can be tailored to the unique needs and interests of the students.  Internships may be paid or unpaid.  A teacher monitors students in their field experiences.  Students should enroll in the Internship class because the program provides an opportunity for a student to experience all aspects of “real world” requirements for success and the program is a means of linking academic learning with career and community experiences.  As part of this Work-Based Learning experience, students will complete a number of components resulting in a portfolio.  


COMPUTER SUPPORT INTERNSHIP                                                                 1852 (with 1823)

1 or 2 Semesters    1 or 2 Credits    

Grades:  11-12

Fees:  $15


COURSE DESCRIPTION:  [IDOE 5260] Computer Support Interns will learn how to troubleshoot computers and maintain technology equipment. Objectives of this course include IT support for teacher laptops, student & teacher Chromebooks and maintaining the technology infrastructure to help meet Penn High School technology needs all while incorporating interpersonal communication skills when dealing with staff.


Business: ACP/AP/Dual Credit/Capstone Courses



F200  (I.U.)   

2 Semesters     2 Credits      Grades 11-12

Prerequisites:  2.9 or higher GPA, Rank in the Top Half of the Class, Clean School Disciplinary Record, and attendance record.   Students Must Provide Their Own Transportation to Elementary and Middle Schools.  Students will be visiting all schools in the district set up by teacher first semester.

Students must complete the ACP application & enrollment at the beginning of the school year.

Textbook Purchase:  $10

Fee:  $6

This course is weighted on a 5.0 scale.


COURSE DESCRIPTION:  [IDOE 0502] This elective course provides students in grades eleven (11) or twelve (12) organized exploratory teaching experiences in grades kindergarten (K) through grade nine (9).  All teaching experiences are preplanned by the high school teacher and the cooperating teacher(s) who are interested in supervising prospective teachers.  This course provides a balance of class work relating to:  (1) classroom organization, (2) classroom management, (3) the curriculum and instructional process, (4) observations of teaching, and (5) instructional experiences.  Students will explore a variety of issues.  Self-exploration will be blended with concrete analysis of the teaching profession.  Teaching will be scrutinized from diverse perspectives, integrating key concepts with real life experiences.  Teaching methods will be incorporated in the course to permit students to encounter different methods of learning.  After completing a series of in-class preparations and assignments, students will be matched with PHM teachers for a cadet teaching experience.  While with the teacher they:  assist with group work, class presentations, bulletin boards, library work, individual help, reading assignments, and many other areas.  It is a hands-on learning environment.  Students who qualify and successfully complete the course may receive three (3) college credits from Indiana University Bloomington or IUSB (Indiana University South Bend).  The college credit will be granted, at a reduced tuition rate, through the Advanced College Placement (ACP) Futures in Education Program.  To receive college credit, students must pay an approximate tuition cost of $75. It is the choice of the student to take the class for high school credit only or for both high school and college credit.  Students are not required to pay the college tuition, if they choose the high school credit only option. Students must have a GPA of 2.7 to receive college credit. This course is based upon a 5.0 GPA scale with a passing grade of a C or higher.




2 Semesters         Credits   2            Grade 12

Recommended by:  Cadet Teaching I Instructor

Book Purchased:  $10    

Fee $2


COURSE DESCRIPTION:  [IDOE 0502] Students who qualify and have successfully completed Cadet Teaching I and are recommended by their instructor may take this course.  This is an extension of Cadet Teaching I and the students will be placed in various schools within the PHM Corporation for the entire year.  Assignments are completed outside of class and turned in on the due date which is cited on the course syllabus.  This course is offered first block and or second block of each day.



(Formerly COE-Related Learning Experience)

2 Semesters     2 Credits       Grade:  11-12

Prerequisite:  Must be enrolled concurrently in the Business Related Work Experience on-the-job training program-Course #0227

This class meets Gold Days during “A” Lunch

Fee:  $5


COURSE DESCRIPTION:  [IDOE 5902] Business Related Classroom Experience is the classroom component of the Business Related Work Experience program.  The instruction in this class is related to the student's on-the-job training program and career goals.  General instruction will center on topics such as personality and self-improvement, human relations, communication skills, money and business management, taxes, refinement of skills and career exploration.




(Formerly Co-Operative Office Education - COE)

(On-the-Job Training)              

2 Semesters    4 Credits        Grade:  11-12

Approximately 15-20 hours of on-the-job training each week and an application are required.

Student must also enroll in Course 0225

Other:  Student must provide their own transportation


COURSE DESCRIPTION:  [IDOE 5902] Students interested in business related careers - general office assistant, bank/credit union teller, receptionist, accounting/bookkeeping, recordkeeping, data entry, sales/selling/retail, clerk, cashier, etc. should enroll in Business Related Work Experience. Business Related Work Experience is an on-the-job training program for young men and women. The student will receive a minimum of 15 hours of training each week, will be paid at least the minimum wage, and will earn four credits for this experience.  The Business Related Work Experience program allows students to apply their skills, to explore career possibilities, and to receive one year of work experience.  



5966 (ENT VENT CAP)                          0657

                 (+ 0658 for 2nd period study hall)

This is an off-site experience that is run through St. Joe County Startup Moxie Program. The class meets every day from 7:30-9:00.  The class meets at various locations throughout the year.  

Recommended Grade Level: 12  

Application Required:  Application can be found at

Recommended Prerequisites: Principles of Business Management or Principles of Marketing

Required Prerequisites: Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Digital Applications and Responsibility or 2 add’l business classes

Credits: 2 Semester course, 2 Semesters required, 1-3 Credits per semester, 6 Credits maximum

Counts as a Directed Elective or Elective for all diplomas

This course is weighted on a 4.5 scale.


COURSE DESCRIPTION:  [IDOE 5966] Entrepreneurship and New Ventures Capstone introduces entrepreneurship, and develop skills and tools critical for starting and succeeding in a new venture. The entrepreneurial process of opportunity recognition, innovation, value proposition, competitive advantage, venture concept, feasibility analysis, and “go to” market strategies will be explored through mini-case studies of successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurial start-ups. Additionally, topics of government and legal restrictions, intellectual property, franchising location, basic business accounting, raising startup funding, sales and revenue forecasting, and business plan development will be presented through extensive use of word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software. Students are paired up with a mentor from the St. Joseph County business community; students are immersed in real-life learning experiences with the opportunity to take risks, manage the results, and learn from the outcomes. Dual credit is through Ivy Tech for Entrepreneurship 101 & 105.


ACP PRINCIPLES OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION/Management B190 (I.U.)                                   0265 or 0266

1 Semester    1 Credit        Grades:  11-12

Fee:  $2

Textbook:  $19.78 

This course is weighted on a 5.0 scale.          

COURSE DESCRIPTION: [IDOE 4562] Principles of Business Administration is a college-level course that prepares students to plan, organize, direct and control the functions and processes of a firm or organization and to perform business-related functions.  Students are provided opportunities to develop attitudes and apply skills and knowledge in the areas of business administration, management, and finance.  Individual experiences will be based upon the student’s career and educational goals.  Students enrolled in ACP Principles of Business Administration will have the opportunity to earn college credit through IU at a reduced tuition cost of $75.00. Students must have a GPA of a 2.7 or higher to receive college credit.  This course is based upon a 5.0 GPA scale with a passing grade of a C or higher.  Counts as a Directed Elective or Elective for the General, Core 40, Core 40 with Academic Honors and Core 40 with Technical Honors diplomas.


BANKING & INVESTMENT CAREERS CAPSTONE                                     0267-0268

2 Semesters    2 credits        Grades:  11-12

Fee: $2

Textbook:  Not determined at this time.      

Required Prerequisite: Introduction to Accounting and Advanced Accounting course

Counts as a Directed Elective or Elective for all diplomas • Qualifies as a quantitative reasoning course    

Quantitative Reasoning Course  


COURSE DESCRIPTION: [IDOE 5258] Banking and Investment Careers addresses the need of schools in areas that have workforce demand in the finance industry.  It analyzes and synthesizes high-level skills needed for a multitude of careers in the banking and investment industry.  Students learn banking, investment, and other finance fundamentals and applications related to financial institutions, business and personal financial services.  The course provides students with work based learning experiences to acquire and apply knowledge and skills in one or more careers in the industry.  Counts as a Directed Elective or Elective for the General, Core 40, Core 40 with Academic Honors and Core 40 with Technical Honors diplomas.


AP COMPUTER SCIENCE PRINCIPLES (PLTW)                                                   0261

Credits: 2 Semester course, 1 credit per semester   

Recommended Grade Level: 11, 12

Prerequisite: Introduction to Computer Science or Computer Science I.

Fee: $3

Additional Cost: AP Exam Cost $85

This course is weighted on a 5.0 scale


COURSE DESCRIPTION: [IDOE 4568]  The AP Computer Science Principles course will introduce you to the essential ideas of computer science and show how computing and technology can influence the world around you. Students will creatively address real-world issues and concerns while using the same processes and tools as artists, writers, computer scientists, and engineers to bring ideas to life. This course is based upon a 5.0 GPA scale.   Counts as a Math Course for all diplomas. Students must take the PTLW EOC; free of charge. The AP Exam may be taken, but not required, at the student’s expense of $85.