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"Pennstock" culminates Junior U.S. History course study of the 1960s

Students singing at Pennstock

Before the Pandemic, it was an annual tradition for Penn juniors taking American History classes to participate in "Pennstock"--Penn's version of Woodstock. Students studying the 60s get to act out some form of performance whether it be musical, a speech, or some other experiential learning demonstration. Students really get into it, even dressing the part. Pennstock has come to be a springtime favorite for Penn students and teachers alike because they get out to enjoy the sunshine, weather permitting. 


See a picture of your 60s clad student? You can download high-resolution JPG files from the photo gallery below, just simply click the “DOWNLOAD” button on the bottom right-hand corner of the photo while viewing it in the Photo Gallery function. We are happy to provide this service to you, free of charge!