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Class of 2022 Early College Academy Signing Day

Class of 2022 Early College Academy Signing Day

Today more than 300 Early College Academy Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors gathered in the CPA to celebrate the Academy’s annual College Signing Day. It’s become a springtime tradition leading up to Commencement to celebrate that class year’s graduating seniors. All the students are recognized for their accomplishments and get a moment in the spotlight to highlight their next steps, whether it’s college, military, career, or combination of one or more.



The Class of 2022 is also Cohort V for Early College Academy. There are approximately 105 students that will graduate. This is the breakdown of what this year’s class has achieved:

  • students graduating with Associates Degrees: 73
  • students graduating with Indiana College Core: 17

  • students graduating with 15 or more credits: 15

Penn Early College Seniors are on track to earn a total of 6,120 college credits! That’s a potential college savings of $2.34 million in tuition and fees, $2.49 million in room and board … that’s a total savings of $4.82 million!!! (this is based on Indiana University 2022-2023 direct costs of $382 per credit hour).



Today was a bittersweet day for two Early College teachers, Ms. Mary Nicolini and Mr. James Schmidt. Ms. Nicolini and Mr. Schmidt are retiring at the end of this school year.


Mr. Schmidt & Ms. Nicolini


P-H-M Superintendent Dr. Thacker and Penn Principal Sean Galiher kicked off the festivities by praising the students on their accomplishments.


Dr. Thacker Sean Galiher


Then a handful of seniors, chosen by Ms. Nicolini, spoke to the underclassmen about their journey, experiences and the opportunities the EC Academy afforded them. After the brief speeches, all of the seniors were invited on stage to hold up the banners of where they are going to college or what they will be pursuing after Commencement on June 6. There was a wide variety. Some are staying close to home attending Holy Cross College, St. Mary’s College, Bethel University, Ivy Tech, Goshen College and IUSB. Some are staying in state attending schools like  Indiana University – Bloomington, IUPUI, Indiana State, Butler University, Ball State, Purdue University and Purdue Fort Wayne. And a couple are going to schools out of state such as Lake Erie College (OH),Michigan State University, Western Michigan University, Western Kentucky University, Westminster College (PA) and Western Carolina University (NC). Other students are also going into the National Guard and Trade Schools like United Aviate Academy, or pursuing apprenticeships with the Electrical Union.


The College Signing Day is an event where students get to finally breath a sigh of relief and celebrate—maybe even do back flips!!!


Student backflip 1) Student backflip 2 Student back flip 3


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