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Chamber Cafe photo gallery

Photo of Piano Keys

Penn High School’s Symphonic and Chamber Orchestras treated guests to an evening of casual music in the school’s Instructional Materials Center. 

Penn student James Campbell captured the event with a photo gallery.

Photo of piano keyboard.
Colin Thomas solos in his Chamber Jazz Group.
Symphonic Cellists Hannah McGinnes and Julia Kwak played a 2 cellos style version of Michael Jackson's greatest hits.
Bassists Philipp Roehm and Zach Benko keep the beat steady for their ensemble.
Guests enjoy a variety of groups and music, including a bass duet by Jason Denman and Zak Tebell.
Drummer Zane Campbell and trumpeter Chase Murray of the Advanced Chamber Jazz group performed "Spain" for the audience.
Peter Rutkowski playing a beautiful piano solo the night of the Chamber Cafe.
Maddi Grace, Amira Oudghiri, and Brittney Vetter pose for a photo before performing.