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Looking Toward the Future

As prospective junior and senior students at Penn High School looking toward the future, here is information to help you plan ahead for a successful transition to post-secondary education. 


Junior Year

  • Be aware that for your senior year you will need to register for e-transcript at or docufide.
  • You should take the PSAT NMSQT at the beginning of the year even if you took in in the tenth grade.  This test may qualify you for the National Merit Scholarship—the test is only taken junior year. Sign up in guidance after spring break tenth grade year. 
  • Take the SAT (Reasoning Test) or ACT once in the middle of the year (toward the end of the school year if currently in geometry) and then again in the Spring (if scores aren’t to your liking)—have scores sent directly to colleges of interest.
  • To sign up for the SAT (Reasoning Test) go to  and for the ACT go to  Both will need our Penn High School code which is 152347—Have the College Board or ACT send scores directly to colleges of your choice.
  • Start to narrow your college choices.  Go to  (college matchmaker service) and/or  These sites give free college searches!
  • Focus on grades—remember colleges look only at your first three years of high school when making a decision of admittance!
  • Complete in May your senior survey which counselors use to make recommendation when completing your application.
  • Make a list of persons who you could ask for a Letters of Recommendation—remember not all need them.
  • Start the scholarship search process (grades 11 and 12)—Many are listed in our college resource room and on the guidance web page.


Senior Year

  • Apply to colleges on- line and register for e-transcript at the or—quick and easy way to get transcripts sent to colleges.  Apply to colleges late August through October—the earlier the better.
  • Take SAT or ACT if necessary—Have collegeboard or directly send your scores to the colleges planning on attending!
  • Check Guidance website frequently for general and scholarship information— (go to guidance).
  • Most technical and junior colleges do not require a SAT or ACT—check with the school.
  • Make career plans for after high school.
  • Order cap and gown for graduation
  • Secure Letters of Recommendations if needed—some colleges do not require them.
  • Apply to the NCAA Clearinghouse for Div. I or II level (you may apply after junior year) at
  • Apply for financial aid after January and before March 10 at