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Kingsmen Tutors

Description: Kingsmen Tutor Internship is a class where juniors or seniors are assigned a classroom to help students in that classroom while the teacher instructs class. Their role is an extra helper to give individual attention to students needing more individual help during instruction time.  If you want to help students in the classroom and are looking for a leadership opportunity, you should consider applying to be a Kingsmen Tutor! You must take this class for credit first semester, but it is optional to take the class for credit second semester.  
Eligibility Requirements:  Juniors and Seniors, clean disciplinary record, good grades, application, and interview.
Sponsors: Sandy Hunter, Denise White.
Meets When: During a full block in the schedule.
 Where: Various classrooms/subjects available.
Procedure for Joining:   Fill out an application for next year. Applications are in the Counseling Center.