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Important Information - Spring 2020

As the COVID situation evolves in St. Joseph County and students, parents, and teachers adapt start-of-school lessons to fit a virtual and eLearning format, I will provide resources to support teaching and learning. In the coming weeks, if you find that you need certain articles, books, databases, or audio, please contact Caelea Armstrong at, and I will try to gather those resources and catalog them under the “Helpful Links” heading.  


First and foremost, links to the Mishawaka Penn Harris Public Library as well as the St. Joseph County Public Library will be on the “Helpful Links” page. This will give you the option to register for a library card so that you can check out additional resources and ebooks.  


If you find yourself in need of tech support during eLearning, please e-mail .     


And finally, email is the best way to communicate with me. Please do not hesitate to reach out and ask for help.