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IHSAA Mental Attitude Award Winners

Ben Gregory wins the IHSAA Mental Attitude Award.

Penn’s Ben Gregory won the 2022 Baseball Mental Attitude Award.


The IHSAA Executive Committee presents the Mental Attitude Awards to the outstanding senior participant in each classification of boys and girls state championships.


The recipients of these awards, who were nominated by their principals and coaches, must excel in mental attitude, scholarship, leadership and athletic ability in basketball. Presenting sponsors, which include the Indianapolis Colts, the Indiana Pacers and the Indiana Fever, donate a scholarship to each school in the name of the recipient.


Penn student-athletes have been named IHSAA Mental Attitude Award Winners 26 times:

1983-84, Football (4-A), Mark Plencner             


1989-90, Football (5-A), Eric Kline       


1992-93, Girls Cross Country, Jill Nace            


1995-96, Football (5-A), Matt Geesman             


1996-97, Football (5-A), Scott Becker 


1997-98, Baseball (4-A), Blake Gaugler


1997-98, Football (5-A), Brad Monhaut              


1999-00, Boys Soccer, Matthew Abbott           


2000-01, Football (5-A), Justin Smith  


2002-03, Girls Tennis, Lauren Woodward


2003-04, Girls Golf, Casey North


2003-04, Football (5-A), Wade Iams


2004-05, Girls Cross Country, Laura Carr


2005-06, Boys Tennis, Chris Jordan


2010-11, Girls Basketball (4-A), Ashley Lutz


2011-12, Girls Golf, Deanna Song


2011-12, Volleyball (4-A), Kaitlyn Hickey


2011-12, Football (5-A), Patrick Adkins


2014-15, Wrestling, Chase Osborn


2014-15, Baseball (4-A), Tim Lira


2015-16, Soccer (2-A), Kamra Solomon


2015-16, Football (6-A), Camden Bohn


2015-16, Softball (4-A), Alyssa Griman


2016-17, Soccer (2-A), Alexis Marks


2016-17, Baseball (4-A), Trevor Waite


2017-18, Soccer (3-A), Kristina Lynch


2021-2022, Baseball (4-A), Benjamin Gregory