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Freshmen Parent Tips

There are many new things your freshman is experiencing in the transition from middle school to high school.  We want to support that transition to make the freshman experience engaging and successful. Below are tips for parents to ensure your student’s success!  As always, if you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact your student’s teachers and/or guidance counselor.


  • Know what “house” your student is in. Get to know the house leader and teachers.
  • Check out your student’s house webpage.
  • Show an interest in what your student is learning at school. Ask questions!
  • Review homework with your child
  • Help your child organize his after school time by designating homework time each night. 
  • Check your child’s work for completion. 
  • Help your child use the school planner.  Teach him/her how to plan ahead, particularly for long term projects or tests that will be coming up.
  • Check your child’s homework and progress on HAC (Home Access Center).  If you have questions or concerns, please go to the P-H-M Home Access Center help page.
  • E-mail your child’s teachers with academic concerns or questions. They want to work with you to ensure success!
  • Be sure your child is in school every day. If you know your child will be absent, help plan ahead by getting assignments in advance. The attendance office number is 258-9501.
  • It’s all about mastery! We want your child to master the standards and the learning.
  • Re-do’s ... if you have questions, contact your house teachers.