Freshmen Mentors

Description:  Freshmen Mentors are students whose responsibility it is to help the freshmen get acclimated to Penn High School! All mentors are given a small group of freshmen (usually 2–5) that they are responsible for. During the first semester, we meet with those freshmen once a week in small groups during study hall to get to know one another, discuss the ins and outs of Penn High School, and talk about topics that concern high school students (safety, mental health awareness, cyberbullying, drugs and alcohol, stress management, etc.)   We encourage involvement in extracurricular activities and our end goal is to build relationships and community.   Mentors also attend the Freshman Walk-Around the Saturday before school starts and help give tours and direct traffic during the Open Houses.

Eligibility Requirements: Students Grades 10–12. Application required (usually due right before Spring Break). Potential Freshman Mentors must be students in good standing (grades, attendance, & discipline). Must be kind, willing to help others, act as a good role model,  and able to follow directions and lead a small group. Must also be able to attend the Training Day in the first week or so of school.

Sponsors: Marni Cronk and Nancy Block

Meets When: The Executive Board meets once a week at 7:30 a.m.; Regular mentors meet one time a week during their study hall on Thurs/Friday for first semester.

Meets Where: The hallway outside LGI-A.

Membership Limit: Approximately 250.

Procedure for Joining:   Fill out an application in the Spring of your ninth, 10th, or 11th-grade year.