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Digital Initiative Center

Penn High School's vision for digital learning builds upon our continued emphasis on quality instruction. This is not a technology initiative but rather it is a learning initiative. Our digital tools will be embedded in the rich content of literacy instruction - well planned reading, writing, speaking and listening assignments. We are simply marrying our tried and true rigor, relevance, and relationships with technology.

The digital initiative at Penn High School is off to a great start. Teachers and students are using Chromebooks in a blended environment. This blended environment makes the most of instruction from well-trained teachers supported with online materials. Students and teachers are working collaboratively with almost instantaneous feedback from their instructors as well as their peers. Students are also learning how to evaluate online resources. Students and teachers are also collaborating outside of class working on long-term problem-based projects and performance tasks. In all of our classrooms students are moving from a myopic view of limited sources to a pluralistic view with changing digital sources. Finally, students are producing content by creating papers, videos, instructional web pages, blogs and podcasts.

Computer Support Internship (CSI)

Course Description: Computer Support Interns will learn how to troubleshoot computers and maintain technology equipment. Objectives of this course include IT support for teacher laptops, student & teacher Chromebooks and maintaining the technology infrastructure to help meet Penn High School technology needs all while incorporating interpersonal communication skills when dealing with staff.Day to Day Workings: Students may sign up for this class in their sophomore, junior, or senior year. Students will report to the ITC (in the IMC) during their CSI time during school day. During their class period, students will mainly be dealing with staff and students and helping them with their technology issues. If a student is not meeting with a staff member or student,they will be troubleshooting and working on fixing Chromebooks.