Technology Support

Technology Support Staff and Chromebook Repairs: 

Within the Media Center is the Tech Support Office. This is where most of your Chromebook problems can be solved. Student interns, under the direction of Mr. Sinish, are trained to diagnose and fix basic Chromebook issues. In the event that your Chromebook needs major repair, (beyond cracked screens or stuck keyboards), it will be sent to the manufacturer and you will be issued a loaner. It is recommended that students have Chromebook insurance to cover repairs. Chromebook insurance can be purchased at the beginning of the year in the Tech Support office.  Chromebook chargers can also be purchased in the Tech Support Office. Pricing depends on the type of Chromebook you have, but typically cost between $30-$40.

Password help: 

The IMC staff can help with password problems for wifi, SKYWARD, CANVAS and P-H-M gmail. Stop by the IMC for assistance and we can tell you what your password is or change it for you.

Penn High School students must change the password they use to access their folders on the server every 90 days for security reasons. When it is time for you to change your password, you’ll see a message on the screen about having a certain number of grace logins left.  When you see this message, you must change your password! Don’t wait until you think you’ll still have one grace login left, because when you run out of grace logins you will be locked out of your account. You won’t be able to login to do word processing or even get on the Internet.  That means you’ll have to make a trip to the IMC/ITC to get your password changed by one of the staff. It always seems like those last few grace logins disappear too quickly on you, so don’t postpone changing your password–do it as soon as you see the message that your password has expired.

SKYWARD Passwords:

Your parents will receive a letter in the mail that will have your new SKYWARD  password in it. Save that letter and write or photograph your password so that you will have it with you when you’re in school.  Many of your teachers will require you to look at your grades during the school day, so you need to have that password where you can access it quickly. It is your responsibility to keep track of that password.

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