Community Resources

DISCLAIMER:  This specific webpage is a posting of various opportunities available to Penn high school students, and not necessarily affiliated with Penn-Harris-Madison Schools. Rather, this is a community-based resource page for Penn students and families to pursue if they are interested. As such, Penn-Harris-Madison does not explicitly endorse the postings below, unless they are highlighted in yellow, noting them as official P-H-M events or activities. In no way should any of the postings below, unless highlighted in yellow, be taken as approved or affiliated in any way with Penn-Harris-Madison. All parents/guardians/custodians should do their due diligence before choosing to have their student participate in any of the opportunities listed below. P-H-M does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender or natural origin.

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Computer Discount for Seniors
ND DNA Learning Center Summer Camps
Variety of Workshops & Residential Camps available fOr 5th-10th graders
IU Media School Pre-College Camps
Summer sessions in filmmaking, game design and journalism
Summer Marine Biology Trip
New England Coast from Massachusetts up through Bar Harbor Maine