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Advanced Choral Chamber Ensemble (Chamber Choir) Syllabus

2 Semesters 2 Credits Grade: 11-12

Course Description: This group of advanced singers perform show, folk and swing music. The group is available for civic and community functions and makes numerous appearances during the year.


Course Objective: To provide students with positive musical and educational experiences through the process of singing fundamentals-rehearsals-performances. Students will study and develop individual dance skills in a variety of styles.



1. Correct vocal techniques & singing posture.

2. Develop large motor skills.

3. Develop visual expressiveness

4. Develop physical endurance

5. Develop a well-groomed appearance in performance.


Approximate Time Table

1st. nine-week grading period.

1. Learn proper rehearsal procedures.

2. Learn proper vocal/dance techniques & performance posture.

3. Rehearse music for Parents Banquet.

4. Parents Banquet (October).

2nd nine-week grading period.

1. Reinforcement & sequential progression of correct vocal/dance


2. Learn music for upcoming concerts.

3. Rehearsals/Concerts (December).

4. ISSMA rehearsals

5. Performances as requested.

3rd nine-week grading period.

1. Reinforcement & sequential progression of proper vocal/dance


2. ISSMA Chamber Night (Feb.).

3. ISSMA Contest (Feb.).

4. Rehearse music for Elementary tour.

5. Elementary Tour (Feb.).

7. Fine Arts Festival (March).

8. Performances as requested.

4th nine-week grading period.

1. Reinforcement & sequential progression of proper vocal/dance


2. Rehearse music for Spring Concert.

4. Spring Concert (May).

5. Performances as requested.


Materials Used

1. Choral music selected by the directors.


Grading System

Nine-week grades for Choir classes will be determined by the student's percentage grades in the following categories:

Tests: Singing and Written

-The average score earned on tests given during the grading


-On singing tests students will, when possible, be given a

copy of their part showing where flaws occurred.

-Tests missed and not made up will result in a "0".

Performances: Concerts, Contests and other public appearance

-The average score earned by the student for participation in

performances during the grading period.

-Unexcused performances missed will result in a "0".

Classroom Participation

-The average score earned by the student during the grading period as determined by the classroom teacher.

-Consideration will include classroom rules established by the teacher.

-Consideration will include tardies and absences.

Performance Rehearsals

-The average score earned by the student for participation in performance rehearsals during the grading period.

-Unexcused performance rehearsals missed will result in a "0".


Classroom Rules

You have the responsibility of being in your seat prior to the bell. Sight reading pitch will be sounded immediately following class bell. Tardies will be assessed a one point deduction from the participation grade. Failure to check in will result in a two point deduction.

1. No gum.(Deduction of 1 participation point)

2. No talking.

3. Good posture.

4. Positive behavior.

5. Prepare and practice part

6. Attend morning rehearsals

7. Attend performances

8. Show respect and responsibility to classmates and instructors


Attendance Policy

Consistent attendance is important for successful music learning and vocal skill development. It is the responsibility of the student to request makeup assignments (available in Choir Room).

All students are expected to make up work for missed classes regardless of reason. Classes not made up will result in a two (2) point Classroom Participation grade reduction. Absences may be made up by turning in a "make-up" sheet within two (2) days of absence(s). For extended absences, this time will be extended to the number of days absent plus one day. Ultimately, the evaluation of student success will be based upon their performance in and for the class, as well as the quality of their work.

An unexcused tardy will result in a one (1) point classroom Participation grade reduction and may not be made up. Excused tardies (pass from a teacher) are exempt from classroom Participation grade reduction.


Folder Check-Out

The purchasing of sheet music for the choral organizations each year is a major budget expenditure. Care in handling music at school or at home is imperative of all participating music students.

One folder/tape will be assigned to each student. This folder may be taken home to practice voice/dance part.