Penn Football Coach Cory Yeoman Named Indianapolis Colts/NFL Coach of the Week 2

Posted on August 30, 2023

Last Friday (August 25, 2023) night’s big 28-7 Kingsmen win over the Mishawaka Cavemen also gave Penn Football Coach Cory Yeoman his 200th career win (click to watch a video that captures the magic of that night)–making him Penn High School’s second football coach to receive 200 wins. Penn is now the ONLY high school in Indiana to have two coaches meet this milestone. The first was longtime legendary Kingsmen Coach Chris Geesman, who Coach Yeoman played under and coached with at the beginning of his career at Penn.

So it was only fitting that Hall of Famer Coach Geesman be on hand this morning (Wednesday, August 30) when the Indianapolis Colts presented Coach Yeoman with the award for Colts/NFL Coach of the Week for Week 2, presented by Corteva Agriscience, headquartered in Indianapolis. Click here to read the Indianapolis Colts news release. Former NFL player and current Youth Football Commissioner for the Colts, Mike Prior, presented Coach Yeoman with the award and a $2,000 check that will go to Penn Athletic Department. Prior gave Coach Yeoman his award and check in Penn High School’s Strength & Conditioning Weight Room with Penn’s senior football players applauding him.

The student-athletes got a chance to hear from Prior who talked about his commitment and dedication through challenges in high school and college football, his choice to play pro football over baseball, and how it eventually paid off. Prior played for Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Colts and the Green Bay Packers. For the Packers, he was a punt returner and a defensive back. He played in Super Bowl XXXI and XXXII. Prior showed the players one of his Super Bowl Championship rings and they had a chance to ask him questions.

On an interesting note, Prior is an assistant football coach at Cathedral High School, who Penn plays this Friday, Sept. 1, in Indianapolis. Coach Yeoman joked and asked Prior if he “wishes every team good luck this week?” Prior said that “Yes, he does!” 

Last Modified September 25, 2023