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Special Programs



Early Graduation
Any student who wishes to graduate early must confer with their parents and counselor. Parents will be asked to send written permission that includes their approval, signature and date. Junior courses (English 11 and US History) will be completed in summer school prior, or Night School during, the student’s final year of high school.  
There is a new scholarship for students who graduate from a publicly supported high school at least one year early, after December 31, 2010.  The Mitch Daniels Early Graduation Scholarship awards student who qualify $4,000 toward tuition and fees, and can be used at any eligible Indiana college.
Penn Accelerated College Program
(A College Based Dual Credit Program – See Penn Accelerated College Program Section of Program of Studies)
Penn students may participate in a supplemental postsecondary educational program if eligibility requirements are met. A junior or senior attending Penn High School may enroll in postsecondary credit classes at approved institutions and earn high school credit as well as post-secondary credit. Guidance Services will provide students with information on the application procedure if the following criteria are met.


Advanced Placement (AP)

Advanced Placement courses are taught at the college level. They afford eleventh-grade and twelfth-grade students an opportunity to earn high school credit as well as college credit and/or appropriate placement at the college level. In order to earn college credit, a student must attain a specific score on a national standardized examination, and attend one of the many colleges and universities who recognize students’
participation in the College Board’s Advanced Placement Program. By selecting an AP class during spring scheduling a student is making a firm commitment to complete this course the following school year. 
Students enrolled in an AP course are required to take the related national Advanced Placement examination in the spring.
The fees for 2015-16 Advanced Placement exams are $92.00.  These are determined and set each year by The College Board.
The following AP courses are typically offered at Penn High School:
AP English Language and Composition
AP English Literature and Composition
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
AP Computer Science
AP Statistics
AP Biology
AP Environmental Science
AP Studio Art
AP Spanish Language
AP Chemistry
AP Physics I (C: Mechanics)
AP Physics II (C: Electricity and Magnetism)
AP Economics; Micro and Macro
AP US Government (2 courses being offered-)
   AP U.S. Government & Politics or
   AP Comparative Government & Politics
AP U.S. History
AP European History
AP Human Geography
AP Psychology
AP Music Theory
AP Art History
AP Chinese

Advance College Project (ACP)

(High School-based courses offered for dual credit through Indiana University)

ACP Cadet Teaching Experience

ACP Advanced Cadet Teaching

ACP Advanced Business Management

ACP Finance

ACP US History

ACP US Government & Politics

ACP Biology

ACP Calculus M215

ACP Calculus M216

ACP Business Calculus M119

ACP Composition W131

ACP Literature L202

Project Lead the Way and Academic Honors Diploma

Project Lead the Way (PLTW) classes will fulfill one of the requirements for the Academic Honors Diploma.  The classes listed below will meet the dual high school/college course credit requirement.  The classes also meet the requirements for the Technical Honors Diploma and the Core 40 Diploma Directed Electives.

All PLTW classes are based on national standards for math, science, communications and technology.  Additional information can be found on the Project Lead the Way Website .  Among other things, you can read about how and why the PLTW curriculum works.

  • Introduction to Engineering Design (9-12)

  • Digital Electronics (9-12)

  • Principles of Engineering (10-12)

  • Civil Engineering and Architecture (10-12)

  • Aerospace Engineering (11-12)

Ivy Tech

(High School-based courses offered for dual credit through Ivy Tech Community College)

English 12: Ivy Tech E111/E112

Ivy Tech Speech Comm 101

Ivy Tech US History H101/H102

College Algebra Ivy Tech 136

Finite Math Ivy Tech 135

Ivy Tech Biology 105 & 107

Ivy Tech Chemistry

Correspondence Courses

High school correspondence courses are offered by many colleges as well as virtual high schools. Before enrolling, check with your guidance counselor.

  • An administrator’s approval is required for any courses taken by correspondence.  Students may not take courses online if offered at Penn High School unless a schedule conflict prohibits the student from taking the course at PHS.

  • Students should be self–directed and motivated.

  • The student’s guidance counselor will not monitor the student’s progress in a correspondence course.  It is the responsibility of the student and the parent to communicate with the correspondence school on issues regarding the course and grades.

  • Your counselor’s signature on the correspondence school’s registration form is NOT an endorsement of the correspondence school nor is it a recommendation that your student should take the course.

  • If the student is a senior and the course is needed for graduation the final grade for the course is due on or before May 1 of the senior year.


Elkhart Area Career Center (EACC)

The Elkhart Area Career Center offers a variety of career and technical education programs intended to provide the student with the skills necessary to directly enter the job market after graduation or provide preparation for more advanced study at a technical school. The programs are available only to juniors and seniors.  Tuition for the Elkhart Area Career Center programs is paid for by the PHM system.  Once a student commits to an EACC program it is expected that they finish the year.


Interested students need to:  

  • Return a completed application to the Penn Guidance Office.  Applications are available in the Guidance Office.

  • (First Year Students Only) Attend the EACC Open House.  The open house is intended to inform students of the available programs and to help the student make an informed decision about making this type of commitment.

  • Be aware of equipment, supplies and uniforms, which might be required for the course for which they are applying.  Financial assistance is available.

  • Make sure that their schedule for class in the upcoming school year includes the Elkhart Area Career Center.


Acceptance into the EACC program will be based upon space availability, academic progress, attendance and behavior. Students must apply annually to the EACC for acceptance.


A detailed description of the courses offered at the Elkhart Area Career Center is available in the reception area of the Guidance Office.


Elkhart Area Career Center Program Clusters

Go to for detailed information.  Course numbers listed are AM/PM classes.


Business Technology

  • Computer Networking/PC Maint. 1433/1434

Graphics and Media

  • Commercial Photography  1405/1406

  • Graphic Design I & II  1413/1414

  • Audio/Video Production  1421/1422

Manufacturing and Engineering

  • CAD/CAM (Drafting) 1439/1440

  • Machine Shop Metals 1407/1408

  • Welding  1419/1420

  • Automation & Engineering Tech 1493/1494

Service Industry

  • Intro to Health Careers 1427/1428

  • Medical Assisting 1411/1412

  • CNA Preparation 1445/1446

  • Early Childhood Education  1431/1432

  • Cosmetology  1401/1402

  • Firefighting  1486/1487

  • Emergency Medical Technician  1488/1489

  • Law Enforcement  1491/1492

  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 1467/1468

  • Culinary Arts I & II  1415/1416-1417/1418

  • Dental Health Careers  1470/1471

  • Floral Design & Event Planning 1409/1410

  • Creative Landscaping  1435/1436

  • Veterinary Assisting 1443/1444


  • Automotive Service Technology  1478/1479

  • Automotive Refinishing  1497/1498

  • Motorcycle/Outdoor Power Technology 1423/1424

  • Diesel Service Tech I & II 1451/1452

  • Automotive Collision Repair 1453/1454


  • Construction Trades  1466/1464


Code of Conduct

Students enrolled in courses that involve extra-curricular activities are subject to the terms of the Penn High School Code of Conduct.  Students found in violation of the Code of Conduct will not suffer grade penalties.  However, they may be subject to consequences detailed in the Code of Conduct.

  1. Student Assistants

A junior or senior in good standing may help a teacher during one block in place of their study hall.  Students should apply through the Counseling Center prior to scheduling.  No credit is awarded.  This is a volunteer position.  Good grades and a clean disciplinary record are required.  Not everyone who requests a student assistantship will be selected.


Student Interns

Juniors and seniors in good standing may work as a student intern in any of the offices at Penn.  Application can be filled out in the Counseling Center.  Interns receive credit and take their intern assignment as they would an elective class.  Interns retain their study hall.  Only students with unremarkable discipline and attendance will be considered.


Kingsmen Tutor Internship

Kingsmen Tutor Internship provides students with opportunities to tutor peers and assist a teacher during the school year in the classroom. Tutors will receive training and attend monthly meetings with the Kingsmen Tutor Leaders 3-4 times per semester. The internship is considered volunteer experience, earning approximately 70 volunteer hours per semester. Many college admission offices and scholarship committees are looking for this kind of long term service. We strongly advise you to take this class as an elective, but it can also be taken in place of a study hall. The grade will be based on homework assignments, attendance and teacher evaluations. Kingsmen Tutors will be placed in classrooms for various subjects including but not limited to foreign language, Algebra I and II, Geometry, Biology, ICP, English and Chemistry.


Peer Leaders    

Students (Grades11-12) may earn 2 credits for work and interaction with students having moderate and severe disabilities.  Students will provide 5 blocks over two weeks of in-class and/or community based instructions to disabled students under the personal supervision and direction of the course instructor or classroom teaching staff.  A complete description of this course may be found in the Multidisciplinary Courses.


Foreign Exchange

Penn High School welcomes all foreign exchange students who live within the P-H-M school district.  We believe that a foreign exchange program can do much to create a better understanding between young people of different countries. For enrollment of a foreign exchange student at Penn, it is necessary that the student is enrolled in a high school in his home country and is residing with a resident of the Penn-Harris-Madison school district. We also expect application in the spring prior to enrollment, with a deadline of May 1st.  Foreign exchange students must enroll for the entire school year (August – June).


The staff at Penn High School stands ready to assist the foreign exchange student in any way possible to make the transition a comfortable one. Special effort will be made to enter the student into classes comparable with their ability and interest.  It is expected that foreign  exchange students are able to communicate in English.  Students are encouraged to take electives in areas that may be new to them. Foreign exchange students receive a Certificate of Attendance at the end of the school year, not a Penn High School diploma.  Foreign exchange students are always encouraged to take part in school activities-clubs, athletics, band and chorus, and other school wide events.


Several services not provided by the school to foreign exchange students include free lunches, books, class rings, yearbooks, caps and gowns and the cost of field trips.  These are all provided by the host parent unless otherwise indicated.  The school is not responsible for recruiting families from its area to provide homes for students.  

  1. Freshman Mentors

Upperclassmen interested in serving as role models and guiding freshmen through their first year of high school can apply to be part of the Freshman Mentor program.  Each mentor is assigned a group of 5-6 freshman students whom they will get to know personally during the Freshman Connections class.  Mentors participate in training sessions each semester in preparation for leading freshmen through a number of activities designed to build community and ease the transition into high school life.  The program’s focus on building positive relationships and life skills benefits peer leaders and freshmen alike.  Applications are available through the freshman counselors in the Guidance Office.

  1. Pharmacy Technician Training (Seniors only)

This program is presented in cooperation with the Extended Learning Services Program at IUSB, Memorial Hospital and Elkhart General Hospital.

1 Semester    1-2 Credits     Grade 12

Tuition: Tuition will be free for Penn Students (Tuition is approximately $790 and will be paid for each student).  

Textbooks/Fees:  Students must purchase their own textbooks and materials—approximately $200.  Students must also complete an application and provide a $25 application fee.

Prerequisite:  Pass pharmacy technician math test.  Call 520-4261 to schedule this assessment test.

Other:  Students must provide their own transportation.  Classes will take place at South Bend Memorial Hospital or Elkhart General Hospital.  

Classes meet 6-8:30 PM on 10 Mondays and Thursdays


High School Course Numbers

Student schedules are individualized.  Students may enroll for one or two credits—depending upon the blocks available in the individual student schedule.  Students are released from high school during the regular school day and will make-up the time during the evening Pharmacy Technician Classes.  


Penn High School Course Numbers:  

            First Semester        Second Semester

One Period (afternoon)            

690            691

Two Periods (afternoon)        

672            673

One Period (morning)            

696            697

Two Periods (morning)            

     696 & 686             697 & 687


Additional Information regarding the Pharmacy Technician Program may be obtained by calling:   the Division of Extended Learning Services at 520-4261.  


This program has been designed and taught by experienced, practicing pharmacists.   By successfully completing this class and paying a certification fee, you can become state certified upon graduation from high school.  Successful completion of this class will qualify you for an “entry-level” position.  This is not a college credit program—this is a Pharmacy Technician Certification Program.


Classes meet at IUSB or at a local hospital:  Memorial Hospital or Elkhart General Hospital.  Classes meet from 6-8:30 PM on 10 Mondays and 10 Thursdays.  You are required to attend all classes.  If, due to an emergency, you miss a class, it will be your responsibility to gather notes from other students to obtain the information you need.  There will be no make-up quizzes for missed classes.  A minimum grade of 65% on each exam will be required to pass the course.  An overall grade of 70% is required to pass the course.  IUSB requires 80% attendance to pass the course.


Current high school seniors will need to have your high school counselor submit a statement advising the Board of you academic performance as well as a copy of your current transcript.


The contents of the training program include specific training duties required to assist a pharmacist in the technical functions associated with the practice of pharmacy, and shall include, at a minimum the following:

  • Understanding the duties and responsibilities of the technician and the pharmacist, including the standards of patient confidentiality and ethics governing pharmacy practice

  • Tasks and technical skills, policies, and procedures related to the technician’s position

  • Working knowledge of pharmaceutical-medical terminology, abbreviations, and symbols commonly used in prescriptions and drug orders

  • Working knowledge of the general storage, packaging, and labeling requirements of drugs, prescriptions, or drug orders

  • Ability to perform the arithmetic calculations required for the usual dosage determinations

  • Working knowledge and understanding of the essential functions related to drug purchasing and inventory control

  • The record keeping functions associated with prescriptions and drug orders


Pennway Alternative School

Pennway Alternative day school offers a 9th-12th grade Core 40 diploma program in a smaller classroom setting across from Penn High School’s main campus.  Participation is by counselor recommendation only.


Pennway Night School

  • The Penn-Harris-Madison School Corporation offers the Pennway Night School which provides coursework toward a high school Core 40 diploma for students over the age of 18 and beyond their senior cohort living in or outside PHM boundaries.  Night School provides a comprehensive core curriculum of AdvancED-approved courses delivered through the Plato software program. To qualify for the Pennway Night School, students must be 18 years of age or older and need a high school diploma. Individuals who have a GED, are currently enrolled at another high school and not beyond their graduation date are not eligible.   The fee to enroll is $25 at the time of this printing.