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Scholarship Search Resources

10 Things You Can Do …


  1. Click here to visit the SCHOLARSHIP TIMELINE page to get a list of descriptions of the scholarships that we advertise every year. This list includes local, regional, state and national scholarships. By reviewing the entire list early on, students can identify the scholarships they qualify for and be aware of the upcoming  application deadlines.


  1. Click here to check the PENN DAILY ANNOUNCEMENTS for newly advertised scholarships.


  1. Click here to follow CCRC’s Twitter channel @PennScholarship to make sure you know the current available scholarships and deadlines.


  1. Visit the CCRC weekly: Information & applications for currently advertised scholarships can be found at the Scholarship table located in the CCRC. A copy of the Guidance Update newsletter is also available.


  1. Visit the “scholarship/financial aid” sections of your preferred college & university websites. This will you determine the merit-based scholarships for which you may be eligible. Consider retaking the SAT or ACT along with working on raising your GPA to qualify for more institutional scholarships. November 1st tends to be a common deadline to be considered for a college’s merit-based scholarships.


  1. Check out these FREE websites to search for scholarships:


  1. Visit the Scholarship Foundation of St. Joseph County website for certain county scholarships:​


  1. Visit for additional scholarship sites and financial aid information.


  1. Visit for a scholarship search with a data base of 2200 scholarships. Go to the “Students” section and then select “Big Future” and then select “Pay for College” for the scholarship search and other valuable financial aid information.


  1. Check with your parent’s place of employment to see what scholarships are offered.