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SAT/ACT Prep Classes



The SAT/ACT course offered during the school year helps students to develop the reading, language, writing, math, and science skills that are foundational for success in college and the professions. The class provides opportunities to practice close reading of informational, narrative, persuasive, and literary texts, and includes review of the writing conventions and organizational elements that students need to apply in their composing and proofreading. Students will complete timed essays patterned off the SAT rhetorical analysis and ACT argumentative synthesis. The course also includes practice of SAT/ACT math and science skills, as well as test-taking strategies to improve performance on these important tests. The SAT/ACT course builds on the work students are doing in their other English, math, and science courses. Students may sign-up for the course during Course Scheduling. It is a year-long class, but students may sign up for the second semester only.



Each school year, Penn High School offers SAT preparation courses. This course covers test-taking strategies to prepare students to take the SAT test, as well as other standardized tests.

Classes usually meet twice for an English review and twice for a mathematics review - a total of four classes. Each student receives a Barron's SAT workbook as part of the class fee.


If you have a student interested in taking the classes offered at Penn High School, please click here to contact P-H-M  Community Education Coordinator Jenny Forkner. You can also check the P-H-M website for the most recent list of Community Education classes.


Parents and students who would like to know specific dates for the SAT test may visit the College Board website to register to take the test.



Colleges/Universities accept either the SAT or the ACT for college admittance exams, so it is basically one's preference as to which one the student takes. If you are interested in taking the ACT, you may visit the ACT website for more information.

Penn High School does not offer an ACT preparation course, but the Penn Guidance Department receives information each year from private companies who offer preparation courses for both the ACT and the SAT. Please stop by the Guidance Office for more information.