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Penn Students Selected for 2021 All-State Band

Twenty Penn students were recently selected to participate in the 2021 Indiana All State Band. These students were selected from among 500 candidates through a highly competitive audition process held early in January. 


  • Elizabeth Wyatt, Senior - Clarinet
  • Mikayla Lemarr, Senior - Bass Clarinet
  • Caden Miller, Senior - Trumpet
  • Anna Voros, Senior - French Horn
  • Pete Sullivan, Senior - Trombone
  • Luca Nijim, Junior - Tuba
  • Kyle Books, Junior - Percussion
  • Blake Gibson-Ross, Junior - Percussion
  • William Chenoweth, Sophomore - Percussion
  • Hannah Steele, Sophomore - Flute
  • Evelyn Weaver, Senior - Oboe
  • Michael Tapp, Junior - Oboe
  • Guinn Hill, Sophomore - Bassoon
  • Noah Fulkerson, Senior - Clarinet
  • Caden Daffron, Senior - Tuba
  • Grace Waddell, Senior - Percussion
  • Elle Fox, Senior - Flute
  • Liam Mroczek, Sophomore - Oboe
  • Wilson Shrout, Senior - Tuba
  • Kathure Kiunga, Junior - Percussi



Students in the All-State Bands are assigned to one of two bands: the All-State Band and the All-State Honor Band. One hundred seventy outstanding high school band members have been selected for participation in the 2021 Festival. 


The 2021 All State Bands will be a virtual event. All State Band members will participate in a series of virtual rehearsals on Sunday, February 28th. 


This also represents the second largest number of students sent by a single high school for 2021.